What Makes Us Different? Why Partner with Live Hope Laugh?

Unlike many charity organizations, we work directly with the children that benefit from your donations. Not only do the funds go to them in the form of back to school supplies, Night of Giving at Christmas, Easter Egg Hunts and our monthly day out program, but we use the funds to influence their lives everyday.

Our monthly activities help our children get out, socialize and interact with their peers suffering with the same illness that they do. We help them realize that they are not alone and encourage them to do activities that make them feel “normal” again. Whether it’s an Orioles game, a trip to the Zoo, or a big backyard BBQ, we celebrate each milestone like family.

We are based in Carroll County, MD we offer assistance to local families and some surrounding counties with a “family” atmosphere. All of the Live Hope Laugh team and some volunteers get to know our children and their parents and they become a second family and mentors to them all. Live Hope Laugh is an extended family that continues to grow and we welcome each new member into our circle and hearts like they are family, because we believe they truly are family.

How We Began

Alexis Ross at age 13 decided her health issue of diabetes 1 was going to change her life for the better. She chose to turn this difficult and negative event to a positive. At age 13 she began selling barrettes she made for pennies but she kept on going. Now years later Live Hope Laugh has been supported by the community and has been able to help many, many children.

Live Hope Laugh’s mission is to improve and impact the lives of children and teen living with a chronic illness and reminding the children to Live for a brighter future, Hope for tomorrow, and to Laugh always.

Live Hope Laugh would like to thank you for your support!​

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