How our volunteers are impacted

We want to spotlight one of our amazing volunteers, Amber!✨ She is a mother, wife, teacher, and dog lover! She is always willing to lend a hand and donate her time to help out!

We reached out to Amber to ask her a few questions and here are her responses below …

1. Why do you continue to volunteer for Live Hope Laugh?

I continue to volunteer for Live Hope Laugh for two reasons. First of all, it’s an important organization that reaches out to people in need from the community where I live. Also, my best friend operates the organization and I enjoy supporting what makes her happy!

2. How has the community service impacted you?

The community service has impacted me just by allowing me the time to volunteer and help others. I get to see how an organization firsthand impacts people’s lives for the better. This makes me feel good that I can be a small part of what goes on. I am also a teacher of 28 years so seeing children smile is always a benefit!

3. What has been your favorite event you have been a part of?

I enjoy the Christmas event because I think it reaches out to the most people. Again, seeing the kids smiling and happy makes it all worth it. The bonus is Christmas is my favorite time of year, so helping others less fortunate makes me happy during a time that has always been happy for me! I love my best friend Caroline and I love seeing her love for what she’s created with this organization. She always puts others first and finding such qualities in people these days can be challenging. I do enjoy all the events though, as they all serve the same purpose, but in a different way!!! 💕

We appreciate all you do Amber! Thank for you continuing to bring happiness and smiles to our families we help!

If you would like to volunteer or find out ways you can help, please message us!