We are in constant need of the following items:

Gift Cards: Any resturaunt, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Walmart, Target, Kohls, BJ’s, Amazon, iTunes. etc…

Paper Products: plates, cups, flatware, napkins

Silent Auction Items: Any item will be appreciated


New Clothing: all ages, genders, sizes (contact us for specific sizes)

Toys: all ages and genders

Toiletries: all ages and genders

Video games & consoles: wii, xbox 360, xbox 1, ps4 (new or used good condition)

School supplies: all, including book bags

Baked Goods: for our outings and fundraisers, bake sales

Volunteers: for fundraisers and promoting (service Learning Hours are given out for this for students who need them)

Technology: new or used good condition: laptops, ipads, ipods. tablets

Learning tools: all ages and genders…electronic or manual

Reading Material: books, crosswords, word searches, etc. all ages and genders